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Mrs. Sampada Kulkarni

Sampada runs a business of Imitation Jewelry & also is a Baker herself. She is a very soft spoken & humble person by nature. She is a perfect example of someone who has a personality with many different sides — all of which are begging to be visible. She has a ‘gently intuitive’ side that allows her to wear softer styles and pretty colors and then she has a ‘quietly rock ‘n’ roll’ side. Which she expressed in a very understated way. The task was to enhance her looks & define her in true sense. Finding that right mix of colour & accessories along with good fit makes her shine in a truly authentic way!

Mr. Sudeep Ghadge

A painting contractor by profession, he was always on run to manage things at client’s site. But in the rush he missed presenting himself as very sincere, dedicated & honest professional. As such, Sudeep is very quiet, calm & passive by nature who failed to get noticed amongst his client. For us it was a task to make him look sincere, professional & authoritative in his work. A combination of formal colors with right fit of clothes coupled with accessories gave him the perfect look which he always desired for.